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The Importance Of Following a Plan Of Care (And Why It Doesn’t Always Happen).

Nov 4, 2016   written by Steven Dunn

A serious issue that I have encountered in the long term care world is when an insurance company undercuts a plan of care for an insured person. Oftentimes, even though a plan of care has been approved by an insured’s physician, the insurance company will disagree with the amount of care hours assigned. This is probably one of the biggest problems in the industry because there is a lot at stake for everybody.

Allow me to explain.

How to avoid (or recover) from a policy lapse.

Nov 18, 2016   written by Kelsey Dunn
There are essentially two reasons that people stop paying their insurance premiums and cause their policy to lapse: they consciously decide to stop paying them, or they inadvertently forget to pay them. 
Let us address the latter. 


Long Term Care Insurance vs Memory Care

Sep 29, 2016   written by Kelsey Dunn

This summer Frank Anania from Mesa, Arizona reached out to A Place for Mom with what at first glance, seemed like a simple question. “My wife is in memory care. Our long term care insurance, which pays $200.00 dollars per day for nursing care, will only pay $100.00 per day for memory care. Memory care requires more daily care. What can I do?” he asked. (more…)