Policy Review And Analysis

There are few things you can do with your long term care or disability insurance policy that can have as many benefits (or prevent as many potential problems) as having a complete and detailed review of the policy by somebody with years of experience in the field.

Everybody from registries, home health agencies, and individual policy holders can benefit from a policy review.  From clarifying terms, understanding benefits, the limits of those benefits, and the knowledge to proactively plan care; a detailed review of a long term care or disability policy can give clarity and improve communication for all parties.

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After handling hundreds of long-term care insurance cases on behalf of agencies, registries, and individual policy holders, there is one piece of advice that I continue and will continue to passionately suggest: reviewing and understanding the insurance policy of your client. To some, this may seem obvious (hopefully), but many of the cases I deal with are simply a result of misunderstanding policy parameters and benefits.”
Steven M. Dunn -“The Importance Of A Policy Review