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Insurance policies are noted for their complexity. Understandably, the average policy holder has difficulty understanding the coverage provided. Whether you are looking for a brief description of policy benefits, a thorough review and breakdown of your insurance policy, or assistance in initiating and/or managing an insurance claim, we can help.

Long Term Care Insurance

At Steven M. Dunn, P.A., my team and I have successfully assisted hundreds of clients with their long-term care policies. Inevitably, we have been exposed to the countless pitfalls that our clients face, and as a result, we have mastered an effective approach to addressing any and every stage of the insurance claims process.

Disability Insurance

Many people purchase long-term disability insurance to cover their needs in the event that they are seriously injured or suffer from debilitating illness or disease, thus becoming unable to work. At Steven Dunn, P.A., we have over 30 years of experience representing disabled individuals. We will review your policy, evaluate your disability claim, and assist you in the initial approval of your claim, or overturning a denial.

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